Friday, 26 December 2014

FEATURED on Hometalk!!

Hello Hello Lovelies!!
I hope you were all spoiled from Santa! We were!
It's been a busy year end thus far and I haven't had time to just sit and blog....sorry!
An exciting thing that has happened is I found "Hometalk". Have you seen it? It's a total DIY site and you can clip projects you find to your own boards to see at a later time! More importantly, I was featured on the site for my 1940's French Perfume Ad Lockers!
Click HERE to see all the details of the makeover on my blog!

Here is a picture...

I'm always so EXCITED and grateful when I get recognized for my creations!
Click Right HERE to see all the locker makeovers I curated on Hometalk!

Here is a picture of my AMAZING Lockers!
THANK YOU for popping by to see me!
Super Love

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

1940's Vintage Perfume Label Lockers

Hello Hello!
Do you remember my 1940's lockers makeover? Click HERE to see the post!
I had 3 sets of 3, and they came right out of the school in Nobleford Alberta Canada. The first set I recreated with an Antique Beehive Clothing ad. The second set was a custom piece I did for a family (post to be at a later date).
 THIS, this is my 3rd and final set.

Here were the lockers as they came to me... I LOVE how they are only 5ft tall....people were not that big back in the 1940's!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Wine Crate & Ice Bucket Christmas Trees

It's the MOST WONDERFUL time if the year!!! Beside the first day of school! HAHA!
I had a desire to decorate Christmas trees this year....although I do not need 5 trees in my house!!
Here is what I created....

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

How To Age a Brand New Door....Step by Step

I LOVE Old doors, I just don't have the space to store them....and good thing because I would collect them until my hearts content!
I have had some really cool doors in the past, like a 5 panel 1940's in house swing door that sold to a client as a headboard! BEASTLY heavy but super cool!
This time I wanted to try my hand at making brand new 5 panel doors look old! I did two doors in different ways.
Here is the before pic...

Monday, 6 October 2014

~Wanderlust Trunk~

I'm totally trunk drunk....I LOVE trunks, they are by far my favorite piece to recreate......ever!

Here is the before pic of this stunner......or not so stunner...yet... I should say....

Friday, 12 September 2014

van Gogh Fossil Paint vs The World.....

I'm not sure if I've ever written a post on the freakin fabulous line of paint that I use!! GASP!! Sure I talk about it but have I ever went into detail about it?! How Rude! I apologise my fans! Sometimes the light bulb takes a while to actually turn on! Grab a coffee or tea this is a long read!

I am in LOVE with van Gogh Fossil Paint!
 Question from my eight year you love it so much you would marry it mom? YES, I would marry it!

I heard about chalk paint about 2-3 years ago. I tried making my own....C'mon everybody tries.....Yes, I bought super fine rock climbing chalk and added it to latex paint. Yes, it gave a chalky type feel but there were still grits to it and I couldn't get the right 'distressed' look that I was after. 
I bought Annie Sloan Chalk have to try them all to really see who is the best. I liked the finish, but urgh those slight little grits... and the wax was burning my eyes out toxic smelling to me.
I tried van Gogh Fossil Paint. It was smooth, NO grits whatsoever, and the wax is a beeswax work area smelled like honey and my hands felt like I had a manicure, AND it's Canadian!!! The frugalista  in me also loved that it was slightly cheaper!
 HALT the train...let the world on....I'm in LOVE!

I met the divine Kathy van Gogh and my creative adventure hit a new road! Whoop Whoop!

Here is the color palette for the van Gogh Fossil Paint

HOW FUN right?!

OOhLaLa so colorful!

Should the day come where you get bored of painting your pieces in one to 25 different colors...bahahahahaha...I have to put out the worst case scenario.......FEAR not van Gogh has a Furniture Make-up Line!

Embossing Plaster. 
You can make any piece look incredible with the raised effect of the plaster through a stencil or with elemental stencils to give your piece a Victorian look!

Luminous Eyeshadow
Ahhhh Champagne! This is a champagne colored plaster you can use through a stencil or thinned out to add that elegance to your piece.

Moon Glaze
A silver glaze. Straight up for the metallic like look or through a stencil for that dashing designer wallpaper look! This piece shown is sealed with our dark wax.

We have Antique Glaze too!
 This piece was painted in Cashmere Cream and then  van Gogh Antique Glazed....great antique look.

We ALSO have a crackle, and a  pearl finish, it keeps the color of your piece but with a pearl look to it.Yipeee!

Hang on to your Hats & Blooomers......van Gogh comes out with Limited Edition colors. This round ME and my colleague Annie from Cougar Chic Decor chose all the colors! We named them after cocktails...Thank you for the applause!
You might want to grab a tissue....Drool Alert!

CORAL Bellini is such a FUN color we had to do it!

Dark Chocolate Martini...yes please! This is the perfect brown/black.

Mint Julep
I don't have strong enough words for the beauty of this color. I cannot get enough of the mint & gold! DROOL!

Sweet Sage Fizz
The sweetest most comforting green!

Just when you thought you couldn't keep jogging on the spot anymore due to excitement.....
van Gogh Blue Metallic
Go around the block!

Complete show stopper! It turns your pieces into jewellery!

WAIT....there's more....

Crystal Highlights...
Who doesn't LOVE bling on Antlers?!

Or to highlight small details on frames?

AND last but certainly not least.....The van Gogh Liquid Metal Metallic Line
True Metallic's??? DREAMY! These are my favourite things to play with on furniture. I have more pics of you want to see what I've been doing with the metallic's!

I am so EXCITED to share this all with you, and THANKFUL that Kathy van Gogh is always playing with new things to put in the van Gogh Furniture Paintology line!

Ask me any question you may have, or if I can direct you to your nearest retailer let me know!


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

van Gogh Fossil/Chalk Paint ANNOUNCEMENT!

ME.....Jenny of Ava Blake Creations and Annie of Cougar Chic D├ęcor both in Alberta Canada have designed this round of the van Gogh Limited Edition Colors! We are in love with life, and have an infatuation with making it all about fun! You only get one life to live you know?! We chose these colors based on feelings of entertaining! We named each one after specialty cocktails…how fun is that?! READ ON...