Thursday, 5 January 2017

Easiest Bathroom Makeover from Tame to Toile in 2.5hrs!

Ahhhhh We are at it again!

We found a beautiful client who was wanting her bathroom to have some pizazz and didn't want to bother with the mess of wallpaper SO when she saw the Master Bedroom Makeover she was sold!!  CLICK HERE to see the post of the Master Bedroom Makeover.

 Here is her before picture...

Eeeeeeek....we were literally giddy with excitement!
We used the IOD Furniture Size Stamps in the Toile pattern....Firstly, you had me at Toile and GASP, so timeless! The Warm Grey Decor Ink and the IOD Stamping Block and away we went! Dab the ink on the stamp and literally stamp it on the wall. This bathroom (all 3 walls) took approx 2-2.5hrs of stamp time, making sure to go around the mirror, toilet, sink and light switches.

Here is how the pattern looks once stamped on the wall...

 YES, get running on the spot excited!!

Here is the after...

We stamped the wall in an off center pattern then filled in the small spaces with the smaller size stamps.

 Subtle but Elegant!

My goodness we can't stop taking pictures of this masterpiece!

a close up of behind the faucet.

Here is the Before & After together...

This beautiful client was soooooo Happy, literally giddy that, with our help she created this look in her bathroom and in 2-2.5hrs.
What do you think?

 Stay tuned.....She is also going to go ahead and do an accent wall in her salon!!
THANK YOU for tuning in ...
Super Love,

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

25 minute Master Bedroom Makeover with IOD Furniture Stamps

Hello Beautiful People.

Firstly I have a new website that I run almost everything from now, so please go check it out

I did have one week to relax and spend time with my family this holiday season. It's amazing what a few days of actual rest can do for the soul!!

 I have been wanting to re-do my bedroom for some time now. Every room in my house is done with good vibes except "mom" typical hey?! Another reason I haven't done anything to my room is because I have so many ideas going on for what I want this space to be. I had collected various pieces I knew that I loved but no solid theme had happened yet.

As many of you know I have my own creative DIY Supply business and I teach workshops all the time. We started carrying a new product, the IOD Furniture Transfers and Stamps . These are rub-on transfers and stamps MADE for furniture. 
Like, the skies opened up, the sun shone brightly and angels sang....that exciting for me,
 especially since furniture re-creating is my forte. 
My brain is always thinking out-of-the-box, and one morning it came to me!

FINALLY, finally the idea came to might want to throw your running shoes on to read this blog post as it will evoke jogging on the spot excitement.

Here is the before picture of my room... snore bore...

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Shower Curtains are not just for showers!

Hello Hello Lovelies!
My main floor bathroom has  been left out compared to the rest of the house! It has no theme and a bunch of random decor gets thrown into it. Sad.
Here my husband is measuring the wall so I know what dimensions I'm working with and how big of an image I can fit on the wall.

 I am in love with the wallpapers that have giant images on them. BAM the creative wheel turns...
Here is the picture that I was inspired by

I wanted my bathroom to be magical. Why not? I wanted to find some art that swept you away into another place when you entered my bathroom, something that was large but not overwhelming. After all it's just a little bathroom...everyone has them and I wanted mine to be remembered.
 I started my search. I found wall paper but I just know my patience level can't handle that. I called my graphics guy (yes I have one!!) I could get giant flowers cut and apply them myself, ok great! Then I thought, what is like an art print but comes in a giant size, and cost's no more then $100? So I punched in shower curtains on line....Let me introduce you to Society6.
It may be the most wonderful site I have come upon AND all the work is from artists!
 I found a polyester shower curtain and I instantly knew it was made for me and my half bathroom and a whopping $68 usa. Being in Canada and adding 30% more for the exchange still makes it under $100 and for an art piece that size I won't find a better deal. I ordered it!

I now needed a huge frame so I had my husband cut some casing for me in the shape of a picture frame. I am an artist who has a studio at home and I have amazing products on hand at every moment. I grabbed my Fusion Mineral Paint soft gold metallic and got painting the frame.

We then layed out the shower curtain and upholstery stapled it to the top frame piece so we had a starting point when we hang it on the wall. I folded the sides in to make it more proportional on the wall.

Once we nailed the initial piece of frame to the wall we carried on adding the frame and pulled the curtain tight as we continued to nail it to the wall until the frame was complete.

Oh My Goodness it's turning out just like it did in my head!! 
I added some small Whimsical decor items and BAM done! I wanted it to look like a giant framed art piece that sweeps you away if even for a moment!

This small marble top table was found at the thrift store. The swan and her pearls is a piece I've had for years!

I love the flowers and the airy little shelf.

Here is a closer shot of the print. 
So romantic. I love the lanterns coming out of the castle at night but I super love the little couple in the boat!
This curtain is polyester and water proof.

Here is the before & after photo...

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!
Super Love,

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Antique Chair Save Of The Day

Hello Hello,
OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE LOVE Super LOVE when I blow my own creative mind!

I actually saved this antique chair from going to the dump! GASP! I literally saved it's life! I reached down as she was passed to me straight outta the basement storage. Clearly she was barely alive, her body was layered with antique and new age dust, and her finish was crackled!!
This type of rescue makes my heart burst with fulfillment!!
Don't you worry your sweet bones, I will save you!


I knew exactly the formula to showcase her personality!

ORANGEAPALOOZA here we go....

I used the color Orangeapalooza by designer Amanda Forrest for FAT Paint (Artisan Style Chalk Paint) and instantly she started to shine!
I'm also a collector of decorative's actually more of an addiction...the more the merrier right??
This particular paper (I actually hug daily, it's just so beautiful) I've had for a while and I've been trying to marry it off to a bunch of pieces with no luck in the love match department, until today!!!

I decoupaged the paper right to the seat and KAPOWBAM...lights flickered, sparks flew and just like that she came alive! I mean come on!?! That paper...the gorgeous lady swinging on a tree swing in the wild and flicking her fancy shoe into the air....TO.DIE.FOR! Never-mind the absolutely perfect color matching!!

HERE YOU GO, grab a tissue...I drooled too!

I found out that she is an Antique 1943 Bentwood Bistro Chair.
 We danced and sang all afternoon! What an amazing rescue for a Sunday Funday! GAWD I LOVE my job!

Here is the before and after pics together for your pinterest boards! 

 I think this chair would be AH-MAZING  for a vanity (painted to match of course) or in a corner of your bedroom, or BAM in an entryway or anywhere really. This chair evokes happiness and spontaneity on all levels!
What do you think?

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Ikea Wall Art To Restoration Hardware Letter Hack All In One

 This post contains way to much excitement for the average heart, please sit down with a cup of tea or wine before proceeding with caution...
 I am so very excited about this hack!
Firstly you must know it has always been a dream of mine to own the Restoration Hardware Giant French Letter Wall Art priced at $1500.00 BUT my vintage up-cycling soul just cannot fork over the dough when I know I can re-create it myself! 
FINALLY I have a space for it.

Here is the situation...In the living room of my 2014 home we have these weird windows on either side of the fireplace. The entire back wall of the house is ALL windows and we have a west facing backyard so there is no shortage of light here! I actually hate these small windows. They take up wall space and leave no room for art, anything you place above or below the window just doesn't look right, and any decor you place in the window will be sun bleached or melted by the direct sun.

I decided I need to cover them and so the search began on all the kijiji/swap and buy sites for 2 frames.
GASP....I found two Ikea vilshult pictures were the exact size I needed, and they were hardboard type wood, framed and $25!!! My up-cycling/re-purposing mind exploded!!

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Painted Suitcases Un, Deux, Trois

Painted Suitcases??? You Bet!!
I scooped this 3 piece set of suitcases off of my local swap and buy site. They were perfectly plain, and NO smell!! Double Yahoo!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Church Pew to Paris New

Hello Lovelies!
I am so excited to share this transformation with you!
I scooped up this 1940 Vancouver BC Synagogue pew from a local salvage guy for $10 t.e.n.d.o.l.l.a.r.s!!!
I bought 3, if I could have fit more in my truck I would have grabbed more! 
The pews are close to 8 feet long, solid Oak and the frame is cast iron, they are BEASTLY heavy and totally awesome!


I pretty much knew the graphic and look I wanted on this pew from the moment I layed eyes on it!
Here she is all ready for her transformation

I chalk painted this pew in a neutral taupe from FAT Paint called Jute. 
I wanted a soft french look so I glazed the entire piece with Alberta Dames White and Grey Glaze.
You know I cannot resist a french graphic! I combined this French Ville De Paris and the Paris 1889 transfers from my favorite site Graphics Fairy and drew it out on the back side of the pew. Simple yet it gives it the look like it came from an old church in Paris.

If you haven't tried chalk painting faux leather or fabric you definitely NEED to do it now! I painted the seat tops in Jute as well and  waxed them with the FAT amazing wax to keep it soft and movable. I left the sides with the original plush wine colored fabric because A. it looks wicked with the Jute color and B. I always love to leave a little of the original piece within the creation.

I LOVE when creations turn out EXACTLY how I planned it in my head!
How perfect is this pew for a large entryway, seating for a dining room table or a bench for your living room ~happy sigh~

One down, two to go.
Stay tuned to see how I re-created the second made me go straight out of my creative comfort zone and was totally worth it!

Super Love