I'm taking the left, in my fork in the road!

Well, well well.....what an exciting journey we are about to embark on! The road looks bright, exciting, full of laughs and cries, happy, and ever changing....the perfect conditions!
We are Decorators/Stagers/Organizers, WOW what a combo! We've built, decorated and staged 9 homes., and surprise  made-over 2 Master Bedroom Retreats!
I start off generally running in circles in the middle of a room and Tracey gives me a smack and directs me which direction to start in, from there all the creative ideas come about and we start creating!
We bounce off of each other to get superb results!

I was inspired by Justin and Colin from Justin and Colin's Home Heist.....YES....I met them at the Calgary Home Show and I asked them how can I still continue to build & flip homes but not live with "keeping it neutral for the re-sale", they told me to power up the color with accessories and wall art....my creative mind went wild! Fast forward to my current home, with a Vintage Flair!! From then on something in my mind opened up, my ideas are endless.

Recently we did a surprise bedroom makeover for a friends mom. Her reaction was overwhelming happiness, as was ours that we could change someones life in that way! Seeing her reaction made us want to change other peoples lives.....to us it felt like, "just something exciting for us to do for an afternoon", little did we know the impact it would have.........the addiction has now set in.....we want more......more overwhelming happy reactions, more life changing moments, more love, more decor...........stay tuned......


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