Mother's Day Surprise Bedroom Makeover blog

Here is the video of a Mother's Day Surprise Bedroom Makeover we did for a friend's mom, whom we have never met!
The only information we received about the actual bedroom were a few pictures via iPhone that were not very clear, she was an avid Gardner, she had two favorite green pillows she used daily on her bed,

    Her walls were painted an updated Beige/ Taupe,

       She has a Vintage crochet flower picture that was her Grandmother's and she adores it,

      and she re-furbished an old dresser with some stencil art on it and  she is very proud of it.

      With this info, some measurements, and a tiny budget we went to work. We had only about 3-4 days to complete this project as she was out of town and was due back soon, giving us a chance to do the room before she came home!

      First....we were off to the Fabric store. We found this gorgeous large patterned Hydrangea print with a deep green/brown  background, perfect for a headboard, since all she had was a bed frame.

      Then we found a cream colored Coverlet for her bed,


      We also sewed some small pillows to match.

      Then we ran around to some of our favorite stores and bought some small accessories. In one of the pictures I saw that she had a small necklace holder stand on her dresser that was way to full, so we grabbed a cast iron "Birds on a branch" coat hanger, knowing that it was perfect for displaying her jewelery, and keeping with the garden theme. We also grabbed some candle holders, some river rocks and some artificial greenery. All to help with bringing some outdoors inside,I also grabbed some gorgeous satin ribbon because I knew that I wanted to embellish the art from her Grandmother for her, and it would add a little something new to her older piece.

      With all this we got over to the house, we put up the headboard and got started on the room as the video shows........We Organized both nightstands, Staged her existing furniture, Cleaned every corner of the room, Glue Gunned some ribbon on some frames, re-hung all the pictures in the room into groups, hung the curtains, and set the mood in her new bedroom retreat for her.
      When our friend came to see it he was blown were we.....did we really just make this room look like it's off of a decorating show? WOW, that was fun!!!
      Luckily our friend is a videographer and captured the whole thing on video....we really did feel like we were moving at that pace in the video!! :)


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