Recently We've experienced some deaths in our circle of friends, this has made us all the more aware of enjoying each moment to the fullest! We want to jump right in to more creating and decorating. It's all about living life to the fullest. Why not have the retreat you have always dreamed of? What is holding you back? Live it!

We have also been busy giving new face lifts to some old pieces! I just can't bare the thought of getting rid of old furniture!! We like to think of the stories it could tell or of the journey it has been through to reach this point, another AHHH we just love that! PLUS we always do a makeover with love!

We are working on to a new Master Bedroom retreat! Details and photos will be coming soon!
Oh the excitement......my mind has been exploding creatively!! SERIOUSLY people I cannot even sleep!!! It's like Christmas for me!!

Stay tuned.......


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