Canada Day Weekend

YEAH! We got to run away to nature for this long weekend. How inspiring is the forest?? Gorgeous views of the mountains, the fresh air smell, beautiful trees, pine needles, moss, wild flowers, sunshine, late night fires, and Margaritas right off of the Margaritaville machine!! What a great relaxing weekend. I took tons of pictures of the beautiful scenery. On one of the days we took a two hour quad ride up to a lake in the middle of the mountains, simply stunning!

We went to a dirt bike race a couple of weekends ago, it was in a tiny town called Compeer Alberta, population about 30 people!!! What was fun about this town was that everything was so old, run down & just beautiful! We ended up buying about six, 1928 arched Church windows, four barn windows, and an old old old Wagon wheel! WHAT A SCORE!!! I'm going to make something decorative out of about 2 windows and the rest we will sell. Of course I will post pix when I get it done!

Check out the Old Tavern. I love the washed out yellow painted wood siding and the crooked but usable stairs.

A birdhouse on an old metal sided shed.

One of the Old Homes.

GOSH, I do love that prairie sky!

Check out this Vintage Truck!

Love the Moss on this fence!



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