Coffee Table To A Toile Bench

 This table was left behind in an Old Farm House, and I just had to have it, it's from the year I was born 1975! Great detail on it, but to small for a coffee table and too big for a side table....Hmmm...

YES......A Toile Fabric Bench with a Jet Black Silk Fringe.....that's what you were thinking too right??

Another view...By the way, this is the first year I'm growing my own Lavender! OH the smell.....brings you to an instant calming, reviving place!

Here is my little European Model, he is such a charmer! He says " OH, Mom this bench is actually comfy!"

AND as I look to my is our curious audience, watching our every move..... Magnus!


  1. Listen .... I have a chair of my grandmothers I need interested! Then I can see you too!


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