`El Creepy

OK...So I just picked up 4 mirrors from various thrift shops. I'm prepping them to do the "Acid Mirror" treatment to them hopefully in the next week or so.

When I open the one mirror up I see that it's stamped on the back saying H EP. CO. LTD. JULY. 17 1929. I think " WOW, cool, imagine what this mirror has seen!" then carry on with my busy-ness!

That night I cannot sleep!! I was awoken at approx 3AM and then awake until at least 4:20AM. I have this weird, cold, old man hands on me, creepy, ghost like presence feeling and it disturbs me! The next night same thing but just like I'm being watched and not touched!
NOT until last night do I figure out that I opened the Mirror on July 17 2011, EXACTLY to the date of the mirror from July 17 1929, 82years prior!!!!!!!!!!!! And the two nights I didn't sleep were July 17 & 18 2011!! CREEPY!!!!!!!!
Throughout my life I`ve realized that I have had a few unusual encounters but I didn`t have my blog to blurt it out on!
I'm now going to call the "Acid Mirror Treatment" The Acid Trip, Mirror Treatment, because it`s starting off weird and trippy! Keep yourselves posted for the outcome....


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