Smith Makeover

We finished another AMAZING Master Bedroom Calming Retreat Makeover!

 Right away we knew we had to rearrange the furniture and get rid of some of the bigger bedroom pieces to make the room appear bigger. Furniture should not be on every wall in the room.

 We moved this tall dresser to the end of her hallway to use for storage. We wanted an open calm feeling for the room.

She had bought a new Bed-In-A-Bag set and we based her room accessories around that.

I saw that she had a lot of un-framed pictures around her home and bedroom, so with that in mind we knew we would  make a "homemade with love"  pegboard for her.

We also refurbished a pair of old trunks and gave her a little "Memory Lane" place to store the kids pictures in.


We re-furbished her existing nightstands

We found a Vintage Desk at a local Thrift Shop and gave it some shabby love, we knew that she would love the extra space and small drawers for jewelery and various things. She also loved the display of her beloved buttons in a Vintage Mason jar.

We picked out a Gorgeous, Calming, Crisp Blue color for the room and that weekend she repainted it. That same week we picked up all accessories and got to work on the refurbishing and pegboard making. By the following Monday we created a new refreshed, Calm, Warm, Inviting, Cozy place for her to retreat too after a long day!

We picked up a Vintage framed glossy black mirror for her headboard, what a great effect over her bed!

Mrs. Smith says "I love my 7 Star Hotel Room!"

We displayed some cherished memories of her babies, and embellished her lamps to tie it in with the black in the room and give it a fresh update!

In the pink frame on her nightstand is a love letter her husband wrote to her in 2000. How romantic!

Her sweet and overwhelmed with happiness reaction made our hearts burst with glee!


We also did a mini makeover up her stairwell.
As I mentioned earlier she had lots of unframed pictures and mismatched small frames around the house. We knew she needed a space to showcase those pictures.

We took all the frames she did have and sprayed them a glossy black and then grouped them along with her existing Vinyl Art. Gorgeous!

Who's next??


  1. Kelly Campbell6 July 2011 at 20:46

    Jenny it looks FANTASTIC!! I LOVE it :)

  2. Something to be proud of. It looks like a wonderful place to spend time & relax in.


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