Vintage Windows

 I am a huge admirer of Old, Beat up, Run down windows!  There is something about the intact 100year old wood, the rustic paint and just the lifetime of the windows. They bring instant character to any wall or space. I just love it!

Here are a few things I've done with windows from my home...

 These were my very first barn windows. I actually removed from the barn myself, not that hard actually, a crowbar works best! I Shabby loved them with some white dry brushed paint, then applied a branch with birds, vinyl behind it. The Art Tiles are straight from Finland, each one is hand painted. What a unique way to display them!
These windows are set up on the hallway at the top of my staircase.


I found this one at a garage sale....imagine? It was meant for me! It is definitely one of my favorite ones, I love to change up the decor on it seasonally. This one is in my Living Room.

This Window was the second one that I personally removed from an Old Farm House that was about to be demolished. I repainted it dark brown then dry brushed some white paint over it to look more "weathered" and put a Mirror in the lower half. I also added some small gold vinyl birds on the top half. This one is in my entrance.

This window was also from the Old Farm House that was about to be demolished. Although it was broken I still loved the look of it. This window is completely original, I didn't do a thing the paint on it.
I found the tiny handmade bird (on the bottom left hand corner) at a craft fair. I like that it looks like it's hanging from the ribbon.
This window is on the wall going up my staircase.

WHAT A SCORE!! We found seven 1928 Original Arched Church Windows out in Compeer AB. GORGEOUS!
They would look amazing with a bold fabric print behind them, or two together with a Wall Vinyl behind them, or three as a headboard, or with some photographs hanging from them! OH the possibilities, let's see what I will do......

This square 1928 Church Window would look stunning with a family photo on it, or again, a Wall Vinyl behind it. I can't get enough of these Old windows, Character, Character, Character!!


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