Bar Trolley Re-Done

I have been busy.....

 AGAIN, I got SO excited to re-do it that I forgot to take a before picture! This is the only one I could find, it's on it's side at the top, Oak color.

This cart was obviously homemade by someone. It was made out of Plywood, with some sort of small stool legs on the in between, and it had a hand painted poorly done blurry Mountain Scene on the top....

Here is the New, Refurbished, Modern Shabby Bar Trolley!
Mix me up a Whiskey on the Rocks will ya??

The 70's Wall Unit Fabric was so popular I decided to use more of it for the top of the Bar Trolley.

I also found this Gorgeous Vintage Black Velvet Ice Bucket, at the Thrift Shop as well as the 4 pack of European Scene Drink Glasses AND the Vintage Cigar Box! OH YEAH!

A closer view of the top of the Bar Trolley and European Scene Glass with the Ice Bucket in the background!

My mouth is watering as I type!


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