Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rustic Luxury

I Got some Photo Business Cards made.What a great idea, the look is unique, and  it showcases my Design sense with one look. Being that I also dabble in photography I wanted to take some pictures myself.
I wanted to showcase my Renewed Furnishings surrounded by the rustic wild countryside and close to Time Worn objects. What better then the Farm?!

LOVE the time worn barn!
That is our renewed Window Framed Time Worn Mirror, Garage Sale Vintage Pottery Pots holding the Hydrangeas,  Vintage brown jugs "picked" at a friends farm, and the Wreath in Boots with Curly Willow are from our home!


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Telephone Silhouette tables

I grabbed these tables at a End Of Summer Sale, but thought they needed a little flare!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

LOVE-ly Vintage Cabinet/Magazine Rack

I scooped up this little Vintage Circa 1930's Magazine Rack/Cabinet from a Garage Sale. I knew instantly what I was going to do with this one!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Better Becker Surprise Makeover...

We were sneaky.....

A very close friend of ours has been having a few health issues and was having troubles getting some pictures hung up on the wall. So she leaves town on Thursday around noon and we enter her house around 6:00 Thursday night! We were just going to hang some pictures for her, but the more we looked around her house the more, our minds got into the decorating groove. She already had beautiful furnishings, art, and accessories but needed a boost in the flow of things!

Gosh we were so excited to do the makeover that we almost forgot to take the before pictures! We took them after we already started moving looked better then this before!!

 Her living room is a very long size, it's quite hard to make these rooms flow without a little help, it's hard to know how and where to split up the space and make sure it all flows nicely.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Acid/Time Worn Mirrors

Well these have been long in anticipation..The Acid Mirror Treatment...and thank you for being patient while I went nutty getting my 3 kids school ready!
I've always loved the look of Time Worn Mirrors,  but have only seen these type of Mirrors in stores for minimum $600 up to nearly $10,000!! No joke, and NOT in my budget!
I never knew how to achieve the look myself, that is until one morning watching Nate Berkus! By the way,  I LOVE him! He had on Amanda from Vintage Revivals Blogspot  and she had tried her take on the Anthropologie Store, Acid Mirrors, and has a "how to" on her blog. WELL, if that wasn't an invitation for me to try it out I don't know what was!!

Now being here In Canada, naturally I couldn't find the same chemicals that she used, so I did with what I could find.  I found and used Surf Pro- Paint & Varnish BUSTER from Lowes. I heard of the Muriatic Acid being sold at Home Hardware but lucky for me I have a friend in the Concrete Business and he had the Commercial grade of Muriatic Acid, so I attempted that!

 This paint remover only took about 10-15 minutes to take the paint off. We scraped the grey paint off with a razor. It came off like butter! Then there was a bronze kind of paint looking layer, but some places you could see through the reflective part of the Mirrors?! WHAT? that wasn't in the tutorial!!