Acid/Time Worn Mirrors

Well these have been long in anticipation..The Acid Mirror Treatment...and thank you for being patient while I went nutty getting my 3 kids school ready!
I've always loved the look of Time Worn Mirrors,  but have only seen these type of Mirrors in stores for minimum $600 up to nearly $10,000!! No joke, and NOT in my budget!
I never knew how to achieve the look myself, that is until one morning watching Nate Berkus! By the way,  I LOVE him! He had on Amanda from Vintage Revivals Blogspot  and she had tried her take on the Anthropologie Store, Acid Mirrors, and has a "how to" on her blog. WELL, if that wasn't an invitation for me to try it out I don't know what was!!

Now being here In Canada, naturally I couldn't find the same chemicals that she used, so I did with what I could find.  I found and used Surf Pro- Paint & Varnish BUSTER from Lowes. I heard of the Muriatic Acid being sold at Home Hardware but lucky for me I have a friend in the Concrete Business and he had the Commercial grade of Muriatic Acid, so I attempted that!

 This paint remover only took about 10-15 minutes to take the paint off. We scraped the grey paint off with a razor. It came off like butter! Then there was a bronze kind of paint looking layer, but some places you could see through the reflective part of the Mirrors?! WHAT? that wasn't in the tutorial!!

We continued...we then sprayed the acid out of a spray bottle, well, we tried. It clogged the bottle so we "splattered" the acid onto the surface, waited 10 seconds and rinsed with water. It did take the reflective off, just like that! It was really smelly so good thing we had on our Safety Masks, Chemical Resistant Gloves and Safety Goggles! Yes, there was two of us doing the job, one ALWAYS had water on hand! The spray bottle decided to work shortly after the first mirror was done and it was a much better, lighter spray.  Another 10 seconds on and WHAMMO about 3/4 of the mirror came off, and it wasn't even our oldest (El' Creepy, see older post) mirror!!

  EVERY SINGLE mirror is different, you really have to watch with this stuff! AND ewww the smell, when I look down I see that as the acid is dripping out of the spray bottle it's eating away at the rocks below!! WOW!!! I now know why these Mirrors are so expensive, the process is very detailed and can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing!

Once I get home and decide that fabric looks great behind the Mirrors that have been  removed, I use Spray Adhesive to make the fabric stick. This was another trick from Amanda at Vintage Revivals.

We are SO impressed with these Mirrors, and a little bit addicted to the many many ways to display them. I have to say, there is definitely an art to the process of doing the Mirrors and we will be continuing to do more!! Of course being a bit of a photographer as well, we had to stage the Mirrors to look absolutely fabulous!! It looks right out of a magazine!!!!

Here is a time worn looking picture of the Mirrors.....or from the movie The Ring!!

Stay tuned for more....


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