Better Becker Surprise Makeover...

We were sneaky.....

A very close friend of ours has been having a few health issues and was having troubles getting some pictures hung up on the wall. So she leaves town on Thursday around noon and we enter her house around 6:00 Thursday night! We were just going to hang some pictures for her, but the more we looked around her house the more, our minds got into the decorating groove. She already had beautiful furnishings, art, and accessories but needed a boost in the flow of things!

Gosh we were so excited to do the makeover that we almost forgot to take the before pictures! We took them after we already started moving looked better then this before!!

 Her living room is a very long size, it's quite hard to make these rooms flow without a little help, it's hard to know how and where to split up the space and make sure it all flows nicely.

See? Looong living room!!

Living room space at one end and treadmill kind of everything at the other end.

Old dining space, a little cramped!

We moved her treadmill out and moved her kitchen table and hutch into the BRAND NEW dining room. The space was perfect for it, it's like it has always been there! Why yes I will join you for a glass of wine!

Another view...

 Hanging pictures in a grouping is a great way to make the desired space feel complete, and makes for the best personal art work!

 Here is her Living room, it feels more conversational and cozy with the TV centered.

 Her Entrance. WOW that piece is fabulous...look familiar? It's one of our pieces!

 She LOVES pictures so we made a picture wall for her, this small stairwell wall was perfect, and the flow is brilliant as she already had the upper landing pictures hung.
We did more little personal touches throughout the house but those are for her to see!

Mrs Becker giggled endlessly and said...
"It feels brand new!"
"I just LOVE it!"
"I just want to sit in my dining room and have some wine right now!"
"I can't believe it, it's SO AWESOME!"
"hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee!"

We giggled with excitement as well......another great mission completed!

Stay Calm & Design On...


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