Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rustic Luxury

I Got some Photo Business Cards made.What a great idea, the look is unique, and  it showcases my Design sense with one look. Being that I also dabble in photography I wanted to take some pictures myself.
I wanted to showcase my Renewed Furnishings surrounded by the rustic wild countryside and close to Time Worn objects. What better then the Farm?!

LOVE the time worn barn!
That is our renewed Window Framed Time Worn Mirror, Garage Sale Vintage Pottery Pots holding the Hydrangeas,  Vintage brown jugs "picked" at a friends farm, and the Wreath in Boots with Curly Willow are from our home!


J'aime Noir.......I Love Black

The Black Chair was renewed by us, as was the 1928 Window Frame, the Lamp was from a Thrift Store and again renewed by us! The rest of the accessories are from our homes.

Against the time worn barn and in the dirt.

The stool was renewed by us, as was the Antique tea tray. The miniature tea set was actually bought at the Alberta Children's Hospital Gift Shop, and the rest of the accessories are from our homes.  Out in the wild beside the time worn fence...

The Dresser was originally bought by my great uncle in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, in the 1920's then went to my mother for a few years and now this beautiful piece came to me. I gave it a renewed look. It's absolutely stunning, and one of my favorite pieces. What better then to place it next to some Wild Rye and stage a scene, the perfect combination!


One of our Fan Favorite Pieces, a Vintage Telephone Table, renewed by us. Sitting in the wild just waiting for you to come and sit in it, wrap yourself in the blanket and read a book! Don't mind if I do!


Totally Inspired....until next time....

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