Bachelor Pad Tweaking

We did a Bachelor Pad job!! How fun?
He consulted all along the process of moving into his place with us, in regards to furniture, coffee tables, rugs,  stools, nightstands...


AWESOME for a Bachelor Pad right?

The Bedroom

Then He Moved in, and did his "man" set up!


 Pretty Good set up.
A nice conversation area, although two coffee tables are not allowed!

YES, needs some Tweaking! The core is there but "must have accessories!" Again, he did do a pretty good job, and that tray on the table is's one of our creations...Great Taste!

The AFTER Ava Blake Creations.....A.K.A WOW Factor! We want to sit by that fire and have a glass of wine off the Bar Trolley, (another one of our creations) and snuggle into those Pillows and Blanket!

 We added some plants to make it feel more cozy, tweaked the Furniture  for a better flow, put up some pictures to add personality...

We homemade with love some pillows for more comfort.  This guy is a Dirt Bike Rider, aren't the industrial bolt looking candle holders totally cool?? He thought so, as did we! We also displayed his trophy's in a grouping in the far corner!

We added rugs, again to make it feel more like Home, and more Small Accessories.

The Bedroom!

We made his headboard and matching pillows, and again a few more accessories. The colors are so warm and inviting!

The Bathroom, LOVE The "Best Of London" Vinyl!

The Office

The Entryway. LOVE the renewed Chalk Board, who doesn't love Welcoming Messages?

What a Fun Time, and what a difference having us over to Tweak made!  I think we might have to go and visit more often now....His place is SO Inviting, Cozy, Elegant, Warm, Gown up, and not to mention the 11 bottles of wine on that Bar Trolley...YUM!

Keep on Decorating!


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