Sad Brass Lamp To FABULOUS...

SO, I've been seeing a lot of these types of lamps lately in the Thrift Stores. The Brass/Gold is so dated and completely unflattering , that everyone just keeps walking right on by! Hmmmm, but, it's calling me..... I thought I'd try and renew one!

I painted it Antique White, and then went over every small detail on the lamp, to give it the "pop" that I like!

Then I attempted to Fabric the lampshade. I went on "you tube" to see some tutorials, what can't you find on youtube? It looked easy enough! I think it turned out pretty good for a first timer! 
The Silk Bow was the Brilliant Finale!

 How great is this Renewed, Unique Vintage Table Lamp now??

 And Uber Cool because the table is already built in!

I'm just in love with seeing the completion of all these Vintage Projects, and I'm Recycling, and giving people Unique Furnishings!!!  What more could a gal ask for??


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