Magnificent Mason Jars

It was about 10pm at night and I was in bed surfing the web, pretty much half asleep when I found  a pile of these Mason Jars on a Swap & Buy Website.....and just thinking, "these would make a neat project?!" I bought them!

 Plain Ol' Mason Jars....

   Well this little project took me much longer then I thought! I went to my favourite little website, Graphics Fairy  and I picked out some Vintage Images, as I always find the most Stunning Images on her site! I printed them out on Tissue Paper, YES Tissue Paper...that was a process in itself! I then Mod Podge Glued the images onto the jars and, GASP, instant Beautification!

 I Know right? I almost can't stand the Excitement! I thought they needed something to make them More Outstanding. So, I went into my tub of Jewellery, yes...another tub, and this time full of Jewellery!

Miraculously I found a piece that matched each do you feel the excitement? I'm giggling as I write this....GOSH, they are Stunners!

WAIT, There Is More.....

  I found an Autograph Book dated 1934-1939 at the Airdrie Antique Mall. How cool is that I thought! AND,  it's full of Autographs to a boy named Roy. The poems are Sweet and Funny, and Totally Cool!

How cool would that be to share these 77 year old poems by having them on these Candle Holder Jars? I also Embellished the jars with more Jewels, Buttons and things.....

This card is Dated Feb. 25, 1936 and reads...
"Dear Roy,
Never mind what people say
Live and be your best today
Smile along your daily road
Help to lift anothers load.
Your Friend,

Oh How Sweet!

 This one is Dated Feb. 9, 1936 and reads...
 "Dear Roy,
Girls love is like gold,
Hard to get, hard to hold
Boys love is like snuff,
One dose is quite enough.
Your school Pal,

Humour from the 1930's! Hilarious!
FYI, that necklace on the side is an Antique as well!

Finally, I added an LED Votive Candle to the jars...

I am totally blown away with the Beauty of these Jars. If it can be  possible, I have a New Favourite!

Until Next Time My Friends...


  1. tear tear OMG I'm in looooooooooooove honey omg
    how much are they?

  2. jenn these gave me butterflies!!! my mom owuld love one of the ROY ones! they're so classic!


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