Oh Little, Homemade Cabinet

My MIL gave this piece to me......I think it originally came from my sister in law, and I think it was homemade?! It was pretty beat up and had what looks like a hand painted Sun, Moon, Stars & Black Polka Dots on it... oh come on, everyone had some type of "that" decor when it came out!! I think I had a blanket!  Did I just admit that out loud??! 

 YUP, totally out dated!

 Here is how I see the Cabinet living it's best life!

I painted it my favorite style, Cream, Shabby with a grey Wash.
I then put half a Framed Vinyl on it and Hand Painted the rest of the design on, as the Vinyl didn't work well on some spots!

It really is a Pretty Little Cabinet now,  with a little shelf in it and a tiny drawer!

Keep On Creating...


  1. OMG Jenny it looks 10000000000000 times better than it did when i had it!! Congrats


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