SO, I Found These Sticks...

OK, So I was at a Farm Picking. I wasn't really finding anything that interesting, until we walked up to a giant pile of wood. Just a pile of old farm garbage really.

 Then what to my wondering eyes appeared....Two little broken pieces of wood that had metal name plates on them and tiny nails sticking out of the tops. I thought they were interesting so I scooped them!

Late one evening my creative ideas start flowing....
I grabbed some picture frames from my never ending pile, and repainted them to look Shabby.
I grabbed some Ribbon from another tub I have.
I grabbed some fabric from yet another never ending pile I have.
I grabbed some Rub-on's that I also had.
I grabbed My Glue Gun and away I went....

This is what I created....

I'm calling them Stick Pics! Please excuse the not so great set was late and I wanted to get the post out to my awaiting audience!

Just GORGEOUS I'd say!!

I mean really....who knew it would have turned out so Stunning?? Two Sticks!!


Be Inspired.....

THANKS for tuning in!
Super Love,



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