The times they are a changing!

The times are always changing in my life! I rarely have a dull moment, with 3 kids, my daughter with a medical condition, one son with a nut allergy,  Hubby, 2 dogs, a house, and a busy lifestyle!
I've had alot of challenges/traumas in my life.... but this is the path that has brought me to creating.

I did my first painting when I was pregnant with my daughter and they told me she had Kidney Disease and she wouldn't live to the end of the pregnancy! I painted....and she was born with Kidney Failure, otherwise healthy, happy and strong!

These challenges/traumas in life made me dig deep into myself and come face to face with my soul! Not an easy path that's for sure. Although in the midst of some really big challenges I've always had the urge to create something. Maybe it's to occupy my mind with better things, or another connection with my soul, either way I love that I was able to do that!

Recently I've had another tough lesson to be learned, or wise. Therefore causing me to reconnect with my soul and throw myself into some deeper projects! So I apologize for being slow in the "posting" area!

I have to say, I am over the moon excited that I have a fan base, I really did celebrate at 20 "likes"on my Facebook page  and 100 views on the blog! Really! Every view, or interest in what I create fuels me to do more, it's been an astounding positive for me, and I say THANK YOU for tuning in.

Jenny aka, Ava Blake Creations.


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