Exquisite Vintage Bottles

OK, So I started off making my first French Dream Wine Jug, ( see post French Wine Jug) and what a beauty it turned out to be! I felt SO very excited that I thought I could make some more. It so happens that I found a clear Wine Jug on a local swap and buy website and picked it up the next day.
I tried a different technique with this one.
I printed an image of some Early Italian Ephemera, and a French Vintage Label from Graphics Fairy onto tissue paper.
After carefully cutting the tissue paper to the precise piece I used Mod Podge Glue to glue it onto a piece of Cotton Canvas, I tried it before and since my Iron-on Transfer didn't want to work today I thought I'd give this a shot.
I then time wore the edges with some bronze paint and I pulled the strings a bit to make it look like it's been around for at least 77 years!

Tutto ciò è magnifico e, translated means, All Done, and it is Magnificent! Goosebumps....again!

I also have about 7 various Vintage Brown Bottles from different Farms I've visited, and they totally needed the French Beautification..... Here are the first 3....The big bottle has the Vintage French label on it and the 2 smaller ones have Vintage French Soap Labels on them.

  Jaw dropping right?! Well mine did anyways!

These are the some of the bottles in a grouping I have in my landing, with an Antique Mirror.

 Here are the bottles in a grouping in my entrance...G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S (in a singing voice)

Just Exquisite!!

Giddy with anticipation for the next project.....


  1. I love how these bottles turned out, great job!

  2. You are SO right! They ARE gorgeous....I also sing it out like that sometimes replacing "g-o-r-g-e-o-us" with "b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t" which also applies to your bottles!!!! I want to do this now too!

  3. These are really beautiful!
    I'm visiting from The Graphics Fairy link party.

  4. THANKS for stopping by ladies!! Very Nice of you!
    Super Love


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