French Wine Jug

I grabbed this Wine Jug in a thrift store in Canmore Alberta this past Fall. I thought it was "Unique" looking and we all know how I LOVE things that are Unique, (Que in Stick Pics..)

  I knew that I wanted some kind of French label on it. I found some French Soap Labels, and some French Perfume Labels that were both Stunning but I felt that they didn't match the jar quite right. Then after about 3 months, finally, I found this French Ticket on Graphics Fairy website. Of course it was perfect looking, but I just had to rough it up, my style!!


I printed the French Ticket out on an Iron-On Transfer. I then ironed it on a piece of cotton canvas, cut it out, and roughed up the edges. Then I  glued it onto the bottle and gave it my favorite Shabby Time Worn look, as though it really is 88yrs old!!

 I tied a Silk Belt into a Bow around the top of the jug and added some flowers.....Goosebumps!!! I say that because I've seen Wine Jugs with Vintage labels on them in stores for $400+ a piece, and now I own my very own!!!
Enter my Jumping, Giggling, Happy Dance!!

I placed it on my favorite Dresser in my entrance.


  1. Pretty!!

    Thanks for sharing with us :D
    Visiting from BRAG MONDAY at GraphicsFairy,
    ~Smiles, Suzanne in NW Illinois

    1. Hello Suzanne, Thanks you for visiting! I LOVE Brag Mondays!
      Jenny xo


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