Shabby Chic Pegboard

Hey Everybody,
SO, I've attempted a Pegboard before (Smith Makeover, White with Black Damask) and it was harder then I thought, but it turned out Gorgeous!
This time I wanted to make a cork back Pegboard. This is how I created it....

I already had the 16x20 Canvas....YES..... I also buy them every time they are on sale, therefore creating quite a stockpile! I had the Fabric as well. I just stapled the fabric to the canvas!

I bought 2 pieces of Cork Board from the Dollar Store that I cut to fit, and glued to the back of the canvas with hot glue gun....super didn't need a picture for that?!

I layed out and cut, according to the "eye" some ribbon, then hot glued it to burns..YEAH....and thank goodness my eyes are straight!! 

Luckily I had a frame that I had found at a garage sale but haven't used yet, and I had already painted it, I hot glue gunned the Canvas into the frame...

A few of my favorite Buttons and Voila....The Finished Product......STUNNING!

A closer view


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