Stick Pics Part 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Welcome Back! I hope you all had a great holiday!

Remember Stick Pictures #1? Here is another take on it....I did have some more wood hanging around, these ones were totally plain pieces, no name tags or anything, just Time Worn Pieces of Wood!

Talk about The Best Recycling EVER!

Here is the First, of the Three creations...

The Picture Frames were Garage Sale Finds. I re-painted them in my favourite Cream then Shabby'd them. I glued the ribbons on to hold the frames and.....instant Beautification!

I bought these Porcelain Knobs at a Thrift Store. Being that I am totally in love with anything Vintage and Postage is my latest craze, I printed the Rome Postage Stamp from Graphics Fairy onto Tissue Paper and Mod Podge Glued them onto the Knobs....STUNNING really!

Creation Number Two...

Another Beauty! I used two frames from a garage sale and two from my secret stash! Each one I gave my own little bit of Shabby-ing to.
They pair well with my little Antique Parlor Chair.

The knobs I already had.....YES I stock pile sometimes! They are real wood and Oh So Pretty!

I cannot get enough of these Stick Pictures! What Character is adds to any wall!

Creation Number Three....

This one has Rose Bud Knobs....I know...the sky is the limit!!
I had these picture frames as well, but added a fresh coat of paint, some Shabby-ing, and a thicker ribbon,  they look amazing!

Another look that matches that little Parlor Chair.


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