99 Bottles, Count Them Down...

Just when I think I'm addicted to something, a new addiction arises! I can't get enough of decorating old bottles....for real! I have bottles and bottles lined up just waiting to be decorated. They make for Unique Decor.

Here are my 3 newest Creations...

This one I call Message In A Bottle. It's a Vintage Milk Bottle and the image on the front is a Vintage Perfume Label that reads " Poetry Of Flowers", from my go to site, Graphics Fairy. I used Mod Podge glue around the whole Bottle to give it a time worn feel. The Letter inside is Handwritten from Holland, and dated July 11, 1720.
GOOSEBUMPS Of Happiness!!!
1720?? what a dream to get my hands on this image!!

This is a close up of the bottle top and Vintage Letter.

Creation Number Two...

This is a Bottle I picked up from a local Thrift Store, I liked the shape of it, the top on it, and that fact that the rubber around the top is all Time Worn Cracked!
I added the Vintage Soap Label to coordinate with the Red Top, and I felt like it needed some red buttons inside for character!

Creation Number Three...

This Mercury Glass Bottle was part of my own collection but now that I'm addicted to Vintage Labels I felt it was time it needed one. The fitting Black Pharmacy Label is from Graphics Fairy. I added the plain chain for some more fanciness!

A close up View of the Vintage Pharmacy Label, and the chain. It's as if they were made for each other!

And finally an Eclectic Bottle Collection on display in my entrance.

See You Soon,

Jenny xo


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