Design Tip......Wall Art

My Family builds and flips homes. We build a home, live in it for a year or two then sell it. This is how I've learned to decorate, and now, how I know how to design right off of the blue prints!

The hard part about flipping homes while living in them is keeping decor, paint and design neutral enough for resale. I was so sick of doing everything for resale that I felt like there was none of my personality in any of the homes!
As I was learning, home by home, I happened to go to a local Home & Garden Show and Colin and Justin from Home Heist were there. LOVE THEM!! I bought their book and got it personally signed, therefore I got to chat with them. I was so nervous, but they were SO fun I wanted to take them home with me! I asked Colin and Justin how could I throw my flair into a house but have it neutral enough for resale? Art Art Art is what they said. Throw all your favorite colors on some Canvas, use Fabric or Wallpaper in a frame,  it throws your own flair and personality into it but it leaves when you leave. That way people can still envision there stuff in the house. LIGHT BULB MOMENT!! Life altering for me actually, it opened up my design soul a little deeper.

I LOVE creating my own Wall Art, and one of my FAVORITE things to use is Fabric!
It's easy to coordinate, can be Tea Stained, or roughed up with paint, and it can be as big and as crazy as you want it to be!!

This piece I made with some Stunning French Fabric. I added some dry brushes of  bronze paint to the edges and in some various spots throughout the pattern to give it that Time Worn feel. Currently it's in my entrance.

This one is another piece I made with my favorite floral fabric. It's currently in my living room.

I tea stained this one and love how it turned out....aged to perfection!

Good Luck with your Creations...


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