How To Decorate A Vintage Window Frame

Here is a Circa 1920 Window Frame. I painted this one Black with White Shabby.

I often get asked "but what would I do with it?" when people see my undecorated Vintage Window Frames and I tell them, with pure excitement, because, the sky is the limit...."Decorate it any way you want!" but it's all about the vision and some people just don't have it! I've decided to make a post and show you how to decorate it as I see it in my mind......

This one is hung on the wall with just two Simple but Classy Vintage Postcard Canvas Art Pieces in it.

 This way I've got it again on the wall, with some Vintage Bird Canvas' hanging from it and a Tree Branch Vinyl behind it.

This one is in my stairwell beside an Antique Printers Drawer, with again, the Vintage Birds Canvas' and a little Jar hanging from it.
SO Unique.

This one is on the other bare wall of my stairwell, but filled with Vintage Postcards on Canvas. I use thumb tacks to hang them from, that way I can change them around with ease.
This would be a Rare Decoration Piece and a Crowd Pleaser for sure.

For this one, I added A Peacock Wreath at the top, which you could change out seasonally. I also added some picture frames on the sides and a poster board in the middle.Seriously the Sky is the Limit!

 I have posted this picture before but I will add it in again... This is a Vintage Window that I have in my living room, and I decorate it seasonally!

Happy Spring Decor

Christmas Delight!

With pure excitement until next time...


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