Vintage Postcards On Canvas

It seems weekly that I have a new obsession....this week it is Vintage Postcards and Postage, I seriously cannot get enough of it!

Here is my latest creation...

For this one, I blew up this Vintage Cafe Stamp from Graphics Fairy to a 18x24 and printed it out on regular paper. I Mod Podged glued it to the Canvas, and gave it my Shabby Style.

I printed this Vintage Postcard out on tissue paper and again Mod Podged glued it to the canvas with my Shabby Style. 
Just look at that Fabulous Postcard, coffee stains and all!

And again same technique as above with this one...
I just LOVE the Stamps on this one!

All together now...Singing Voice AND Happy Dance!

  Looks SO Exquisite!
I can`t get enough of that Vintage Feel, as if these postcards are from your Grandmother to your Grandfather

Here are some more Vintage Postcards on a circa 1920 Window Frame. 

  Here is my favorite, a wall of Vintage Postcards.

 Simply Majestic I say!

Until the next creation becomes reality


  1. Wowzers, all of your post cards on canvas are so unique and and stunning! Your "Shabby" look is awesome! I have truly enjoyed looking at your art work thanks for sharing. I came here from The Graphics Fairy. Have a happy crafty day!

  2. Love the vignette! Beautiful work! Visiting from Graphics Fairy & pinning! Xoxo Kayli

  3. Really like this wall! "Neat"

  4. I also found you through Graphic Fairy! I love your work! I am just starting projects, ooh the possibilities! These are beautiful, did you get the "postcard with stamps" from the Graphics Fairy? I can't find it there, I would really enjoy trying this. you have really inspired me.
    thanks for sharing!

  5. THANK YOU for visiting. I'm SO happy to be inspiring others!
    Kim3108, I did find that one postcard on Graphics Fairy site, I just looked through every picture to find it, keep scrolling!
    Keep Creating


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