Finally, We Get To Meet...

Well, Hello There! It's me Jenny A.K.A, Ava Blake Creations. SO nice to meet you!

I thought it would be good if I actually have some pictures of myself on my website! To see who is behind all this creating! My great Friend Amy took all the pictures for me! THANKS Amy!

I've said it before but I'll say it again. I create out of a deepness in my Soul. I have 3 kids ages 17, 11, and 6. My daughter was born with Kidney Disease, had Liver Cancer when she was 2. I donated my Kidney to her in 2008, she was 8 yrs old. She then became Diabetic after the Kidney Transplant due to the Anti-Rejection Medications, and recently she was just diagnosed with Arthritis. My little guy is also an Asthma, Eczema, Tree Nut Allergy kid. It's been quite the journey, you can read it all in my book that I am also currently writing! Believe me when I say, my soul has been cracked to the core more then once. I also have awe outstanding Hawt Husband who is forever there to support me through everything! We definitely live our lives to the fullest!

I'm not sure if it's a coping mechanism or this is what happens when you go this deep into yourself but with each traumatic event I felt the need to create. First it was painting. I had never painted in my life, I picked up the brush and just started painting and eventually found my groove. In order to be a 2 income family, we Build and Flip homes, after about 5 homes, I started to get bored of all the espresso brown furniture everywhere, and I started to Renew Vintage Furniture. I also bought myself a wicked Camera and taught myself some photography. All great creative outlets for me! 

One of my friends convinced me to start a Blog, and here I am with just about 11.000 views on my Blog from around the world and 3000-5000 views a week on my Facebook page. I am truly grateful for all of this, I still can't believe people love my stuff. It seems the more I create, the more I find new things to do, or the more Creative I get. The whole thing is so positive for me.
 This picture is so Awesome, I'm holding a glass of Fine Wine amongst some of my creations. Great Idea Amy! If you know me, you'll know that I do LOVE my wine! I have a Blind Wine Tasting Party every year, and  for about 4 years now!

There you have it in a nutshell....well more like a U-Haul with a rolling trailer!! I hope you will continue to follow me and keep on sending me the positive feedback! I'm excited to see where this Happy Journey will take me!

See you again soon...Keep On Creating! 



  1. Hello, Jenny! Wow -- you and your family are on quite a journey together! And you and your husband are so fortunate to have each other to guide and care for these children. God bless you all. I definitely will continue to follow you, Jenny -- I signed on to your feed -- and will look forward to each update from you. Take care now. Have a good weekend!


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