I Like My Artsy With A Little Fartsy

This is an Artsy Fartsy Piece I created. I just worked with the flow!

I had 3 pieces of broken wood from a Vintage Side Table.
I printed out some Vintage Music Sheets From Graphics Fairy and Mod Podge Glued them covering the 3 pieces all together. 

 I had these extra Alphabet Letters, Frames, and Pictures but couldn't figure out what to do with them...

Finally after 2 weeks, it came to me...
 I spelled out Vintage Soul because that is totally me, then added the extras like the Vintage Postcard, Some Vintage Stamps and a Vintage Receipt, then added the Vintage Ladies on some cardboard and hung them from the bottom of the wood! 
Is that Cool or what??

Here it is, hung on my wall!

Here on the wall with a chair that I renewed!
 Looks Excellent!

Super Love,


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