Little Green Curio Cabinet

Here is a little Wall Hung Curio Cabinet I scooped from my local Swap and Buy website. Vintage for sure.

I see the potential to make this something that draws a crowd, a total conversation starter! 
Good-bye Forrest Green and Oak!

Can you say " INCREDIBLE Transformation?"

I painted it Sea Glass, gave it a Black wash over, then gave it some Shabby Style!

I used some Rub-On's that I bought at Michael's Craft Store and placed them in just the right spots!

Here I have it hung in my daughters bedroom with her Vintage Parlour Chair that I renewed!

Here it's in my entrance on my Antique Dresser with some of my other Creations! I didn't even put anything in the cabinet, it's so perfect as it is!

Keep On Creating...


  1. The photo of the EMPTY cabinet on the dresser made my heart skip a beat! Just lovely. I absolutely never thought of leaving a cabinet empty. Thanks for sharing!


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