My Very First Auction Chair

I went to my very first Antique Store Bankruptcy Auction and it was SUPER FUN! I was so nervous to bid that after about 2 hours I finally bid on something only to lose it 2.5 seconds later! It's so fast!

By the end of the night I owned this chair, and a few more goodies.

Of course it DID NOT look like this, but I was so excited to transform it that OOPS, I forgot to take the before picture! 
It was brown wood, a worn out crumbling leather seat, and the stuffing in the seat was some sort of  straw! What the heck?? It really was Antique!

Here it is Painted White and with my Shabby Style.

Here it is Completed....
Looks right out of a magazine!! I just Adore taking pictures of my Vintage Transformations out in nature!
Look at the details in that Chair, and the legs....OH MY!

And a side view

Happy Creating...


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