Monday, 30 April 2012

Vintage Piano Bench

I scooped up this Vintage Piano Bench From Smokin Joe's Thrift Store in Lethbridge Alberta Canada! I love the height of it for an entrance!

I painted it Heirloom White and Gave it a little of my Shabby Style. I found this tablecloth on a local Swap and Buy site, and knew it was a perfect match for this bench. Stunning isn't it?

I thought it should be full of sunshine so I painted the inside a gorgeous yellow and used a Vintage Music Sheet from Graphics Fairy to finish it off!

Here is a closer view of the Vintage Music Sheet.

It's just SO darling!

Oh Happy Day

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

1930's Home in Scandia Alberta Canada

Hello Hello,
OK! It's all about connections in this world, and lucky for me my cousin had one! I had the opportunity to go through a 1930's farm house that was going to be torn down! No one had lived in the house for 20+ years.
Can I tell you that I couldn't sleep for 2 days prior, due to excitement!! For real!!
Now, bare with me, this post is a long one but I wanted to make sure I shared everything with you!

The Town Of Scandia, Established in 1917 

Here is the House, built in the 1930's

The Inside

Looking out the Window from inside

The ladder on the wall leading up to the attic, or should I say, leading up to the Treasure Chest!

The colorful, now Vintage Rainbow Wallpaper and Scandia Felt.

Here are the things I took away from the house!

This looked like a Neat Jar. I looked it up on the Internet when I got home and it's a Glass Butter Churn, made by Blow Churn Co, England in 1940! WOWZA how cool is that, they are selling on Ebay for $100-400!

I scooped these drawers out of the Bathroom Cabinet, I can't wait to create something with these!
The glass on the left side of the drawers was an old Lamp Bottom but we didn't find the top of the lamp! I also grabbed the cabinet doors that match these drawers, not shown.

This was in the attic as well, and silly me I didn't take it home! It's a very Antique Stove! I was thinking it would make a nice plant stand! Maybe I'll go back and grab it!

OK! This BEAUTY was in the attic, again I thought it was a cool bed, although I knew it was Cast Iron because I could barely lift the foot board into the truck, it was that heavy!
I looked it up when I got home and it's a Cast Iron bed from Europe made ONLY from 1900-1919!! WHAT?? How amazing is that? So I sent a picture to a Canadian place in Ontario that restores these beds and the guy I talked to said that the style is a rare piece!!! I'm not sure if I'll get it restored or sell it yet!

I did manage to grab about 5 Vintage Windows and some Cabinet Doors.

OK, just when you were in awe of all the Antique things I found, here is the mother load!!!
These 3 spoons were in the attic as well. They look hand pounded, but have a little Crown with a Flower Stamp on the inside, as if a Company Logo! Hmmm, neat!
I get home and look them up for a week on the Internet, they were hard to find! and KAPOW, these Beauties are from Europe and were made in 17th to Early 18th Century! SAY WHAT!!!?? Oh My Goodness be still my beating heart!! I'm still trying to find more info on them, I'll keep you posted!

Stay tuned to see what I create from these wonderful pieces!
super love,

Monday, 23 April 2012

Black And White French Cork Board

This cork board was graciously donated to me by a Wonderful Friend of mine! Thank you Janice! Just an ordinary cork board with a small wood frame surrounding it.

WOWZA what a fantastic makeover!


I used spray adhesive to stick the Vintage Patterned fabric to the cork, I then Iron-on Transferred this Delightful French Ephemera from Graphics Fairy into some spare plain white fabric that I had lying around then Mod Podge Glued it on to the existing Fabric on the board.

I then added the Black Satin Ribbon to make it all the more pretty!

Here it is hanging on the wall with one of my renewed chairs, just Gorgeous!

Here is my little helper Lulubelle, what a perfect touch to go with all that Black and White!

Keep On Keeping On...


Thursday, 19 April 2012

circa 1940's Circle Crown Side Tables

I found two of these little tables at Smoking Joes Thrift Store in Lethbridge Alberta Canada!

I think they are circa 1940's Style.

I painted them a Heriloom White and gave them some of my Shabby Style, then I put a Graphics Fairy Vintage Crown Image on  them. Instantly Splendid!

 Here is a closer view of the Vintage Crown!

Here are the two tables out in Nature

Thanks for visiting, and Keep On Creating!

Monday, 16 April 2012

circa 1930's House Door

If Doors weren't so big I would collect them too!! I like to think of all the families this door has been around!

I got the door from an Old Farm House that is going to be knocked down. It was half spray painted Army Green and Black. I spray painted it an Off White. You have to see it in person to see how great the White on White cracks and crackles showed up. Then I gave it some of my Shabby Style!

I went to my trusted Graphics Fairy Website and found this Vintage Advertising for Northern Queen Washboards, it was a perfect fit! I printed the image out on tissue paper then Mod Podge Glued it to the door.

I also printed out a Vintage Crown and placed it at the top of the door, I felt it needed it!

I set it up in my Dining Room, with my clock in the window hole. I just LOVE how it all turned out!

The bigger view! FABULOUS I say!

Here I have the Door with some Art hanging in it. What an ENCHANTING piece! You could also hang some steel wire across the window hole and hang family pictures from it. The possibilities are endless!

I added more Vintage Posters to this door, I felt it needed more! Here is the close up.



Thursday, 12 April 2012

Coffee Stained French Picture Frames And Tutorial

I'm always grateful for the donations my friends and family give to me, in this case my mother-in-law! She gave me four solid wood square white Ikea Picture Frames. I almost forgot the before picture, I was half way started!

I've tried staining various fabrics and papers with tea but I wanted to try it with Coffee to see how it turns out.  I don't drink Coffee because it trips me out....Imagine? all this Energy and Creativity is without caffeine!! SO I went ahead and made a very strong cup of Instant Coffee. 
I went out to some Thrift Stores on the hunt for some Vintage French Books, I found 3! I ripped the pages out and layed them out across my crafting table. I then dipped my brush into the coffee and just lightly brushed it over all pages, then left them to dry for a couple of hours.

After they were dry I ripped them into pieces and Mod Podge Glued them onto the Picture Frames.

After I covered the entire 4 Frames I thought they needed a little Vintage Bling so I added Vintage Buttons to the top of two Frames.

And to the other two Frames I added Vintage Pearl Clip On Earrings, I know right? How Unique is that?

Of course I gave it a little of my Shabby Style

 I have to say that I liked the Coffee Stain better then the Tea, it was much darker which is what I was looking for, and SO easy to do! I did buy a German Vintage Book too, so I will be covering something with that very soon!

Keep On Creating

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Vintage Ladies Window

This one meets my expectations!
OK, I am SUPER JUMPING Excited about this Vintage Window!

My heart has ached the perfect Vintage Window Frame with Vintage Images on them. I've seen some from Europe and I knew that I could make them...somehow! I found all the Stunning images at Graphics Fairy website and I tried printing these ones on Polyester Sheets. Worked really well.

Here it is a little closer! The ladies are so mesmerizing! 

 On a ledge in my landing, with some Vintage Bottles.

In my entrance with my renewed Telephone Table, I can't get enough of it!

Here is  another Vintage Window with Original Hardware. I tried this one with Tissue Paper.
Vintage Smoking Lady, Dreaming Of Her Man!

On the Ledge in my landing, with some Vintage Bottles.

Absolutely Glorious!

Keep On Creating and Stay tuned!