70's Chunky Wood Tables to French Elegance

I've said it before and I'll say it again, thanks goodness my friends donate pieces to me!!

 These not-so-beauties were happily donated to me and the story goes like this...The Calgary Rotary Club had put these tables and some chairs into storage in 1999. They were originally made in the late 1970's.
 They wanted to throw them out! DING DING, that's where I come in. My friend thought about me instantly and now I have them.

I painted them an off White color, then gave them each a Vintage French Graphic. One is a French Corset Advertising and the other is a French Chocolate Graphic, both courtesy of Graphics Fairy my most treasured website around.

The French Corset Advertising

The French Chocolate Graphic

Sunny, with a chance of perfect! Nature approved.


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