Coffee Stained French Picture Frames And Tutorial

I'm always grateful for the donations my friends and family give to me, in this case my mother-in-law! She gave me four solid wood square white Ikea Picture Frames. I almost forgot the before picture, I was half way started!

I've tried staining various fabrics and papers with tea but I wanted to try it with Coffee to see how it turns out.  I don't drink Coffee because it trips me out....Imagine? all this Energy and Creativity is without caffeine!! SO I went ahead and made a very strong cup of Instant Coffee. 
I went out to some Thrift Stores on the hunt for some Vintage French Books, I found 3! I ripped the pages out and layed them out across my crafting table. I then dipped my brush into the coffee and just lightly brushed it over all pages, then left them to dry for a couple of hours.

After they were dry I ripped them into pieces and Mod Podge Glued them onto the Picture Frames.

After I covered the entire 4 Frames I thought they needed a little Vintage Bling so I added Vintage Buttons to the top of two Frames.

And to the other two Frames I added Vintage Pearl Clip On Earrings, I know right? How Unique is that?

Of course I gave it a little of my Shabby Style

 I have to say that I liked the Coffee Stain better then the Tea, it was much darker which is what I was looking for, and SO easy to do! I did buy a German Vintage Book too, so I will be covering something with that very soon!

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