1930's Home in Scandia Alberta Canada

Hello Hello,
OK! It's all about connections in this world, and lucky for me my cousin had one! I had the opportunity to go through a 1930's farm house that was going to be torn down! No one had lived in the house for 20+ years.
Can I tell you that I couldn't sleep for 2 days prior, due to excitement!! For real!!
Now, bare with me, this post is a long one but I wanted to make sure I shared everything with you!

The Town Of Scandia, Established in 1917 

Here is the House, built in the 1930's

The Inside

Looking out the Window from inside

The ladder on the wall leading up to the attic, or should I say, leading up to the Treasure Chest!

The colorful, now Vintage Rainbow Wallpaper and Scandia Felt.

Here are the things I took away from the house!

This looked like a Neat Jar. I looked it up on the Internet when I got home and it's a Glass Butter Churn, made by Blow Churn Co, England in 1940! WOWZA how cool is that, they are selling on Ebay for $100-400!

I scooped these drawers out of the Bathroom Cabinet, I can't wait to create something with these!
The glass on the left side of the drawers was an old Lamp Bottom but we didn't find the top of the lamp! I also grabbed the cabinet doors that match these drawers, not shown.

This was in the attic as well, and silly me I didn't take it home! It's a very Antique Stove! I was thinking it would make a nice plant stand! Maybe I'll go back and grab it!

OK! This BEAUTY was in the attic, again I thought it was a cool bed, although I knew it was Cast Iron because I could barely lift the foot board into the truck, it was that heavy!
I looked it up when I got home and it's a Cast Iron bed from Europe made ONLY from 1900-1919!! WHAT?? How amazing is that? So I sent a picture to a Canadian place in Ontario that restores these beds and the guy I talked to said that the style is a rare piece!!! I'm not sure if I'll get it restored or sell it yet!

I did manage to grab about 5 Vintage Windows and some Cabinet Doors.

OK, just when you were in awe of all the Antique things I found, here is the mother load!!!
These 3 spoons were in the attic as well. They look hand pounded, but have a little Crown with a Flower Stamp on the inside, as if a Company Logo! Hmmm, neat!
I get home and look them up for a week on the Internet, they were hard to find! and KAPOW, these Beauties are from Europe and were made in 17th to Early 18th Century! SAY WHAT!!!?? Oh My Goodness be still my beating heart!! I'm still trying to find more info on them, I'll keep you posted!

Stay tuned to see what I create from these wonderful pieces!
super love,


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