Vintage Ladies Window

This one meets my expectations!
OK, I am SUPER JUMPING Excited about this Vintage Window!

My heart has ached the perfect Vintage Window Frame with Vintage Images on them. I've seen some from Europe and I knew that I could make them...somehow! I found all the Stunning images at Graphics Fairy website and I tried printing these ones on Polyester Sheets. Worked really well.

Here it is a little closer! The ladies are so mesmerizing! 

 On a ledge in my landing, with some Vintage Bottles.

In my entrance with my renewed Telephone Table, I can't get enough of it!

Here is  another Vintage Window with Original Hardware. I tried this one with Tissue Paper.
Vintage Smoking Lady, Dreaming Of Her Man!

On the Ledge in my landing, with some Vintage Bottles.

Absolutely Glorious!

Keep On Creating and Stay tuned!


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