Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tea Tray Renewed

 Here is another quick project! I bought this tray off of my local Swap And Buy Website. It was plain Oak looking, solid wood. 
I painted it Heirloom White, gave it some of my Shabby Style and picked some Gorgeous Vintage Images that I thought matched the Tray perfectly, from Graphics Fairy. I printed them out on paper and Mod Podge glued them on.

Here I have it on my living room coffee table with a blue glass ball and a glass vase with some dried Lavender. Simple yet Elegant!

I adore Tea Trays, they area a great centerpiece to display your treasures!

Keep On Creating!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Newest Spin On Vintage Windows

A new spin on Vintage Windows? YES please!

I had these circa 1940's Windows. 
I have been dying to use these Vintage Western Ladies Images from Graphics Fairy, I think they are So Sassy, they needed to be on display! I bought the Antique Cow Bell from my local Antique mall, and glued it front and center on the window, and of course I gave it some of my Shabby Style.

I took the window out to a side back road near my house to take some pictures, and OH how it looks so CAPTIVATING on the fence post with the barbed wire and open field!

Here is another STRIKING Vintage Window! 
These three different Vintage Angel Images are so Enchanting, I then added a Brooch to the center of the window frame that seemed to be made just to go with these images. Just Beautiful in the tall grass!

For this shot, I had my own side table out here, one of my Popular Renewed French Jugs, the Vintage Angel Window and my Vintage Lady with Vintage Brooch Window Frame.
 The pairing of Nature with Vintage Renewed Elegance makes me a Happy Dancing Giddy Gal!

Keep On Creating


Monday, 21 May 2012

Spectacular Vintage Hat Shelving Unit

Another generous donation from my fantastic friend,  THANKS Amy!

This was a plain white shelving unit.
 I went to my trusty Graphics Fairy Website and found this AMAZING Antique Poster for a Sale of Bonnets, Hats, Millinery and Fancy Goods, Dated April 2, 3 and 4, 1884! WOWZA that gives me goosebumps! I want to go to that sale! 
I placed it front and centre on top of this shelving unit.

I then printed on tissue paper these Stunning Ladies and their Fancy Hats, and Mod Podge Glued them onto the unit. How fitting!!

Here is the full view of the Shelving Unit!

Keep On Creating Friends,


Thursday, 17 May 2012

French Lamp

Here is a little project for your Thursday!
I bought this lamp like a year ago from a garage sale, and I forgot the before picture!

I painted it lime green to go in a bachelor pad makeover that I was doing at the time. It didn't work. 

It sat around until I painted it Heirloom White, and gave it some of my Shabby Style.
 I found the Lamp Shade at Winners for a whopping $3.00, I scrolled through my trusted Graphics Fairy Website and found this gorgeous Vintage French Advertising Poster, AND I Mod Podge glued it on to the shade.

Here it is on a dresser with some Candles and a Tray I renewed.

Keep On Creating,


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cobalt Bottle Beauties, say that 5x fast!

I scooped these beauties up off my local swap and buy website. The Cobalt Blue is to die for!

I printed out an amazing French Ephemera from Graphics Fairy on some sticker paper and gave it some of my Shabby Style, I had to add the gorgeous pocket watch hanging from some ribbon, it totally completed it!

I printed out a Vintage French Chocolate Graphic for this one, and again added some of my Shabby Style. Perhaps this is the Key to open the Chocolate Shop!

 Here I have them on a side table in my living room with a renewed Lamp I did and my Smoking Lady Vintage Window. 
I'm telling you the Cobalt Blue was SO Exquisite amongst my Shabby Chic Creations, that I would sip my tea and just gaze in their direction, feeling warm hearted!

Feeling blue never felt so good!

Jenny xox

Monday, 7 May 2012

Party Ladies For A Fundraiser

I was asked to donate something for a Cancer Cure Fundraiser, last minute! So I quickly made up these Darling Vintage Party Ladies on 8x10 Canvas. Fitting for a party night of Fundraising I thought!
I got the images from Graphics Fairy, as always she has the best images on the planet! I printed them out on tissue paper then Mod Podge glued them onto the Canvas!

I had them hanging from my huge Vintage Window!

A closer view!
What Fun!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Antique Vinegar Jugs Re-Newed

I'm almost as obsessed with Vintage Bottles as I am with Vintage Windows!

I bought these Antique Vinegar Jugs in an Antique Store in Lethbridge Alberta.

 Here is how I see them.... 

This one got a Vintage French Ticket

And this little one got a Vintage Italian Label

And this Little one got a Vintage French Coin Label

And this wee one got a Vintage French Sign

And they all lived happily ever after!

To me, they are all so Glorious!