Cobalt Bottle Beauties, say that 5x fast!

I scooped these beauties up off my local swap and buy website. The Cobalt Blue is to die for!

I printed out an amazing French Ephemera from Graphics Fairy on some sticker paper and gave it some of my Shabby Style, I had to add the gorgeous pocket watch hanging from some ribbon, it totally completed it!

I printed out a Vintage French Chocolate Graphic for this one, and again added some of my Shabby Style. Perhaps this is the Key to open the Chocolate Shop!

 Here I have them on a side table in my living room with a renewed Lamp I did and my Smoking Lady Vintage Window. 
I'm telling you the Cobalt Blue was SO Exquisite amongst my Shabby Chic Creations, that I would sip my tea and just gaze in their direction, feeling warm hearted!

Feeling blue never felt so good!

Jenny xox


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