My 1st Video Post, Revealing Newest Vintage Bottles

Hello Ava Blakers! I decided to do a Video Blog to reveal My new Vintage Bottles, a little change up from my usual pictures, although I still added the pictures to this post!

How fun was that right? I was trying not to say "don't you just love my jugs!!" OH MY GOODNESS, I had to keep pausing and remembering to say VINTAGE Wine Jugs! Hahahaha, you Live and Learn I guess!

Here are the pictures of the Vintage Bottles as well...

I ADORE this one, it's like I just pulled it out of my Grandpa's Wine Cellar!

The Vintage French Label is absolutely Exquisite on this one, and what a great conversation starter in any room!

This is the Sweetest one. The Vintage Bee and Wreath, the Vintage French Book Pages with my Shabby Style and the ever beautiful Flower. **blowing kisses into the air**

This Antique bottle is one of a kind, Thick, Heavy Glass, the Label is Darling and the Vintage Buttons inside top it off!

Here are all of my latest Vintage Bottles on one of my dressers!

I hope you enjoyed my first Video Post, I intend on doing more in the future. Sending you creative vibes until next time!



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