1930's Scandia AB House Creations Part 1

Hello Ava Blakers, I'm all settled into the new house and Summer is in full swing. Finally I'm getting out this series of posts revealing the Creations I've made from the 1930's house that I got to go through before it gets demolished out in Scandia Alberta Canada. See the all the details in the earlier post.
A great big gratitude hug to my cousin and his girlfriend for letting me go through the house!

I instantly saw the potential in these cupboard doors when I grabbed them from the 1930's House in Scandia Alberta, Canada...or, I mean pointed while jumping up and down at my husband to get the screwdriver and pull them off of the bathroom cabinet ASAP!

Here are my Creations...

This is the left side door. I printed, on tissue paper, a Vintage Music Sheet from my trusted Graphics Fairy, and glued it on the door with Mod Podge, then I  printed off the Vintage Bird with Lilacs and layered it over top of the music sheet, and I hand painted the postage stamp on it. I gave it some of my Shabby Style and WOW what a Wondrous Creation!

And the right side door...
I used the same technique as above, but with a different Vintage Bird and Vintage French Label on this one. Brilliant!

Here is my Artsy Fartsy Picture of the 1930's Bathroom Cabinet Doors, Recreated

A little closer

I found a dingy, beat up, 81 year old pair of bathroom cabinet doors, what I saw was a  Unique, Full of Character, Gorgeous, piece of Art!

Tune in on Thursday as I reveal Creation part 2 from the Scandia House!

Much Gratitude for tuning in,



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