Monday, 27 August 2012

Vintage Upright Console Cabinet

SO, as the story goes...I was picking my son up from school one day and I see a cane back chair on someones lawn with a free sign on it ~GASP~ it was calling me! After talking to the sweetest lady, she asked me what I was going to do with it. I explained that I recreate Vintage Finds, and with eyes wide open she asks, "do you know Nate Berkus?" I laugh and say, well, I watch his show! Then we giggle in decor delight, and she says, if you like Nate's style and know how to re-do furniture I have a truckload for you!!!
~~OH MY, I just won the Vintage Lottery!!~~

Needless to say I did actually leave with a truck full, 3 chairs, a Steamer Trunk and this Vintage Upright Console Cabinet. Adorable isn't it?

I have to say that I'm officially on the bandwagon for the Annie Sloan and the Van Gogh Chalk Paint! This was my second piece using the paint!
I painted it Paris Grey, one's that easy with the Chalk Paint. Then I gave it a slight Buttah Yellow Wash, and then gave it a few strokes of Patina Blue. Hopefully you can see it well in the picture!

**Enter Jumping Happy Dance Here**
I used my Vintage overhead projector to get two lady Silhouettes for the front doors. One with a feather hat and the other with a crown, from my Fairy Goddess Karen over at Graphics Fairy.
Isn't it ravishing?? Good for another 60 years...minimum!

Here is a closer view of the Silhouettes.

This project was super fun. I loved using the Chalk Paint and Love the finish it gives.
Thank you to little ladies purging, and Thank you for stopping by!
Best Wishes Little Fishes!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Vintage Bow Front Scroll Dresser

Hello! I hope you are all enjoying these Summer days, we sure are! I was consumed by the book 50 Shades Of Grey for at least 3 weeks, then Beach Trips, Camping, Company and Summer fun. 
Read on as I tell you why and how I FINALLY finished this dresser.

My mother in law gave me this Vintage Dresser just over a year ago! I LOVE the bow front it has.

I quickly had it sprayed an off white.....and then there it sat, for a year, in my bedroom beside my fireplace!

Clearly I work best under pressure......we moved, with an 8 day possession~GASP~ not ideal but it worked! I was in the new house for about 2 weeks, and of course I had everything set up, pictures on the wall etc. the only room I had not set up was my Ava Blake Creations room. 
I got a call to do an interview, with photos for our local magazine and fire sparked.....I had no real inventory to showcase because of the move and all, so now was the perfect time to renew this dresser!

I went to my trusted Graphics Fairy website and picked a Vintage Scroll. I printed the image out on transparency paper and used my vintage overhead projector to get the image on the dresser. I gave the dresser a grey wash over and dry brush painted the scroll on to it.

I just LOVE it!
 I LOVE the angel wings in the scroll,
I LOVE the color wash over the dresser,
I LOVE that it makes a perfect display case for me in my Creating room.

Super Love,