Vintage Upright Console Cabinet

SO, as the story goes...I was picking my son up from school one day and I see a cane back chair on someones lawn with a free sign on it ~GASP~ it was calling me! After talking to the sweetest lady, she asked me what I was going to do with it. I explained that I recreate Vintage Finds, and with eyes wide open she asks, "do you know Nate Berkus?" I laugh and say, well, I watch his show! Then we giggle in decor delight, and she says, if you like Nate's style and know how to re-do furniture I have a truckload for you!!!
~~OH MY, I just won the Vintage Lottery!!~~

Needless to say I did actually leave with a truck full, 3 chairs, a Steamer Trunk and this Vintage Upright Console Cabinet. Adorable isn't it?

I have to say that I'm officially on the bandwagon for the Annie Sloan and the Van Gogh Chalk Paint! This was my second piece using the paint!
I painted it Paris Grey, one's that easy with the Chalk Paint. Then I gave it a slight Buttah Yellow Wash, and then gave it a few strokes of Patina Blue. Hopefully you can see it well in the picture!

**Enter Jumping Happy Dance Here**
I used my Vintage overhead projector to get two lady Silhouettes for the front doors. One with a feather hat and the other with a crown, from my Fairy Goddess Karen over at Graphics Fairy.
Isn't it ravishing?? Good for another 60 years...minimum!

Here is a closer view of the Silhouettes.

This project was super fun. I loved using the Chalk Paint and Love the finish it gives.
Thank you to little ladies purging, and Thank you for stopping by!
Best Wishes Little Fishes!


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