Grandiose Steamer Trunk Renewal

I can barely contain my excitement.....OK, remember the post "Vintage Upright Console Cabinet" where I was telling you about the sweetest little lady that gave me her Old Junk, which was my Vintage Treasure Lottery Win?? Well, this trunk was another item she gave me.

 I had it sitting around, not really wanting to redo it in fear of taking the "Classic" Steamer Trunk feel away, even though it was pretty beat up, and not really all that attractive! 
UNTIL....I thought I better try this Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stuff that everyone in the DIY world is raving about! So I went down to Lauren Lane Decor here in Calgary Alberta Canada, one of a few that carry the line. It happens that they were low on stock but had this Van Gogh Chalk Paint, it's Canada's version. Even better, I like to support locally if I can!

To make a long story short...this paint claims to only need one coat, no primer, no sanding etc.
YUP, I tested it out on my trunk...

OH MY SWEET JALAPENOS!!! I seriously astonished myself with this project!
I used the van Gogh Patina Blue, then used a few strokes of Buttah Yellow to accentuate the handles and such. 
I then used this Vintage Paris Graphic from my Fairy God Mother at Graphics Fairy and painted it on the trunk using the overhead projector transfer method. To finish it off I sealed it with the Natural Beeswax, then used the French Caffeine Wax to give it my time worn feel.....AND it smells like Honey, what a sweet smell to work with!

I wanted to take the pictures of it on a Gravel Road and beside a Country Road Ditch just to signify the Journey this trunk has been on. After all, these flat top metal steamer trunks were made from 1890-1950!

I left the original wallpaper inside as it wasn't to badly ripped and it keeps the Classic feel of the trunk.

This trunk turned out SO GRANDIOSE,(isn't that a fabulous word?) that I want to curl up in it and just smile!
I hope this inspires you to renew your old trunks, think of this trunk lasting another 72 years!

Keep it real spotted seal!


  1. I have the same one much is it worth...same story..a nice old lady just gave it to me now I was board and looked it up

  2. It looks the exact same as yours


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