Parisienne Address Coffee Table

Good Day Everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day Long Weekend! We sure did out camping. Great weather and with Great Friends!
 I've said it before and I'll say it again...I LOVE my friends! Thanks to Charla for giving me this coffee table! She painted it but didn't like it in the space. It was a thrifty find off of Kijiji!

I knew right away what graphic I wanted on it....I've been wanting to use this Parisienne Address Graphic from my most favorite Graphics Fairy website for a while now.


I did a wash with Black Van Gogh Chalk Paint over the entire table, I LOVE my stuff to look worn in!
 I also did the Graphic in the Chalk Paint as well. This was only the second time using the chalk paint and I have to say, I 'm on the bandwagon with it. It really is easy and amazing to work with!
 I will post my "first" project using the Chalk Paint next week.

Look how the details in those legs pops out with the dark color wash!!

Here it is in my living room...

and with my homemade tea tray! What a perfect fit!

 Thanks again for tuning in!
Keep it sweet, Parakeet!


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