Silk Scarf Chairs

Here is a Nate Berkus inspired project...

I got 3 of these 1974 Dining Room Chairs from the sweetest little lady....they were on her lawn with a free sign on them....totally calling my name she had already taken the rest of the set to the dump...WAH, Terrible!

 I realize that there is 4 chairs in the is my friends chair!

I saw an episode of Nate Berkus and he was talking about how cool it is to redo a chair seat with a silk scarf! ~ LIGHT BULB MOMENT!~
I ran to H&M and bought 3 silk scarves, they have a fantastic selection!

The silk was harder to work with versus normal fabric just because it wanted to slide around more, but I handled it and got the seats recovered! I felt that the silk scarves have such rich patterns and colors that having a glossy black chair would make the chairs POP even more!
 Having only 3 chairs, which makes it odd, I wanted to make 2 the same for a conversation/tea/wine area and one a little different for say an office/vanity/entrance chair.

Here are the conversation chairs...

OH......with jumping feet....this design is spectacular!!

And in my home in a sweet little nook, perfect for tea time with friends.

Here is the office/entrance chair...I Love the lively pattern on this one!

I hope this fun semi easy project inspires you to renew some old chairs!!

See you soon Baboon.


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