Monday, 29 October 2012

El' Creepy Custom Morgue Trunk

Hello Hello and soon to be Happy Halloween!

I found this trunk on  my local Kijiji site, and the story goes.....A son found the trunk up in the back corner shelf in a cabin garage that his parents bought! He had it for years hoping to renew it but just didn't get around to it. It has the original tag on it saying "Never break Trunks". It's dated early 1900!!

My sister In law, lets say likes "the darker side" of things and requested me do a custom design for her...completely out of my ordinary but I'll give it a try!
Here is the before...

The inside, with original hardware and hangers! How cool is that?

Monday, 15 October 2012

Elegant 1914 Trunk Makeover

Happy Monday Everyone!

After I finished the first Vintage Steamer, now Paris Trunk (look for the earlier post) I ran out and bought 2 more trunks, this being one of them...
This was already renewed....GASP..... Head in Sand!

This is the original paper lining the inside. It also had the original drawer still intact. How cool is that?

I HAD to use the Patina van Gogh Fossil Paint because it's my current obsession! Seriously...I posted a warning to my friends not to come over this week or they to would be painted Patina blue!

Here is what I did...

I painted the entire piece with van Gogh Fossil Paint, Patina. I then gave it some Shabby Style with Buttah Yellow. I used this simple Paris Address from Graphics Fairy, and used my projector to enlarge the image to fit the trunk front. Next I sealed it with the natural Beeswax and finalized it with the French Caffeine Dark Wax that perfected the Time Worn feel that I so adore!
~Simple yet Elegant!~

I also painted the entire inside....this trunk has had some journeys and it had the smells to prove it....WHEWEE! 
I wanted the trunk to feel loved yet fresh, so I painted it Buttah Yellow inside, and sealed it with the's like opening sunshine now!

As you might already know, I'm smitten with taking pictures of my creations down gravel roads....there is something about the journey of roads that I love to capture in the pictures. My favorite picture is this one below, with the hay bales on the background....Amazing!

I hope this inspires you to renew your old Trunks.....

Much gratitude,


Monday, 1 October 2012

Outstanding 50's Ballerina Dresser Renewal

TeeHeeHeeHee, this renewal has got me dancing the African Dance, The Irish Jig and the just a touch of the Elaine from Seinfeld!!!! Seriously that much excitement....

So a friend of mine texts me one day and says that they are moving Grandma to a smaller room in a nursing home and they have a truck full of furniture going to the dump but thought that maybe....just maybe.......I could do something with the furniture.....UH Back-flip YES!!!!!

Here is the first piece I received....

 Classic circa 1950's Dresser, Brown-ish, Gold-ish, Drab-O-Ramma!

 Check out the handles.....

What I LOVED about this dresser is....well all of it....but I love that I saw the front of it including the drawers as a giant canvas! Because the dresser is kind of plain looking, in the fact that it's doesn't have much intricate detailing I knew that I could do a Smashing Graphic on it with an Exquisite Finish!


I kept the original knobs because I felt like they matched the dresser the best. I just renewed them with the fossil  paint!

I know right??? Jaw Dropping, Back-Flip, Dance!!!

I'll save you the trouble of scrolling up and down to see the before and after....

I painted the outer dresser Mascara Black van Gogh Fossil Paint, and the inside Cashmere van Gogh Fossil Paint. I picked out this Antique Ad for Costumes  from the ultimate Vintage site, Graphics Fairy. I used my vintage projector to get the image on the dresser then painted away!
To finish I used the pleasant smelling 100% Beeswax and French Caffeine wax to seal it in and give it the time worn feel!

Can you say EXQUISITE???

It's sitting in my living room as I stare at it drinking my tea and doing the Jig!!

Get out and start renewing your Grandma's pieces....with permission from Grandma of course!

Much Love

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