Outstanding 50's Ballerina Dresser Renewal

TeeHeeHeeHee, this renewal has got me dancing the African Dance, The Irish Jig and the just a touch of the Elaine from Seinfeld!!!! Seriously that much excitement....

So a friend of mine texts me one day and says that they are moving Grandma to a smaller room in a nursing home and they have a truck full of furniture going to the dump but thought that maybe....just maybe.......I could do something with the furniture.....UH Back-flip YES!!!!!

Here is the first piece I received....

 Classic circa 1950's Dresser, Brown-ish, Gold-ish, Drab-O-Ramma!

 Check out the handles.....

What I LOVED about this dresser is....well all of it....but I love that I saw the front of it including the drawers as a giant canvas! Because the dresser is kind of plain looking, in the fact that it's doesn't have much intricate detailing I knew that I could do a Smashing Graphic on it with an Exquisite Finish!


I kept the original knobs because I felt like they matched the dresser the best. I just renewed them with the fossil  paint!

I know right??? Jaw Dropping, Back-Flip, Dance!!!

I'll save you the trouble of scrolling up and down to see the before and after....

I painted the outer dresser Mascara Black van Gogh Fossil Paint, and the inside Cashmere van Gogh Fossil Paint. I picked out this Antique Ad for Costumes  from the ultimate Vintage site, Graphics Fairy. I used my vintage projector to get the image on the dresser then painted away!
To finish I used the pleasant smelling 100% Beeswax and French Caffeine wax to seal it in and give it the time worn feel!

Can you say EXQUISITE???

It's sitting in my living room as I stare at it drinking my tea and doing the Jig!!

Get out and start renewing your Grandma's pieces....with permission from Grandma of course!

Much Love

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