Tissue Paper Tables

Today's project is a quick, easy and SO cute!

This cute little table was on my doorstep one morning from a great friend, THANKS Sue!

This Antique Claw Foot Table was on it's way to the dump when my friend Mel intervened! THANKS for thinking of me Mel.
What a beauty!

Along with this Antique Half Moon Table. It was also in the truck load that was saved from the dump!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Toile Fabric, it's so beautiful!
 Here's what I did with that in mind......

I painted this one van Gogh Fossil Paint Chalk White and did a heavy wash with the watered down van Gogh Mascara Black. I wanted it to look really used/distressed/worn in!
Then I painted the top with Mod Podge Glue and applied some Toile Tissue Paper and rubbed it flat.....Toile Tissue Paper???....YES I said that! Exciting right!!??!! Finally I distressed it with more Black Paint and sealed in the tissue paper with a layer of Mod Podge glue then waxed the heck right out of it, clear and dark.

Here is is beside my couch with a homemade Tea Tray on top!
Super Sweet!

The Antique Claw Foot Table...
This one was done using the same technique as above, but with different areas of distressing of course.

Here is a view of the body! Superb little table!

And....the little Half Moon Table...
 Again, using the same technique as above. I LOVE the Black Border I left around the top of the table! I also heavily distressed this one as well. Sorry about the pic, it was off of my phone!

Here it was on the night of my Open House with some of my Bottle Creations!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squesy!
This tissue paper technique is simple and fun! Get transforming everything!



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