Annual Blind Wine Tasting Party 2012

Hello Hello,

I'm behind on my blogging.....funny how Christmas just sneaks up on you, and at a jet plane pace!!

I wanted to blog about my Wine Party!
We have a Blind Wine Tasting Party every year, this was our 4th year. You have to bring a Red Wine, any region, and in a brown bag.~FUN~

Here is my kitchen island set up for the tasting...

We had 24 people with 12 tastings to do! I have to limit the guests at this party otherwise we would have 20+ tastings to do!! Our score cards go from appearance to after taste. 

This year we had a new crowd of tasters and therefore new wines, we tried a Chocolate Wine, tastes like pure chocolate...for real!!!
 Our Winner this year was a California Pinot Noir! This is totally new for us, this crowd is mostly Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon Drinkers!

Some people don't drink Red Wine.......GASP, can you imagine???? TeeHee
For these lovely friends, I also have the table set up for an International Beer Tasting. This year we had these people submit 2 beers each. They have score cards to mark each beer. There were about 6 people beer tasting.

The tasting in full swing!

The Winner was a Pumpkin Beer!

I hope you enjoyed this fun post!



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